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Copper Bracelets

Copper is such a warm and earthy metal to work with and to wear.  It easily goes from day to night and season to season.  All of our copper chainmaille jewelry starts it’s life as solid wire, not plated, so there is no danger of the color wearing off. We then coil and cut our own jump rings to ensure the perfect closures.  We take great pride on our chainmaille jewelry and strive for high quality work. If you don’t see the weave you’re looking for or need a piece in a different length, please contact us and we’ll get started on a special order for you.

NOTE:  Yes, copper does change color!  Even coated copper will eventually wear and change.  Your body chemistry will determine how much and how quickly and many love that aged look.  If you prefer to keep your copper bright and shiny there is a very easy way to do so.  Dunk your piece in a bath of lemon juice for a minute or so and then rinse well. Your copper will return to its original bright luster immediately.  So no more excuses not to wear this amazing metal.

  • Copper Full Persian Chainmaille BraceletPersian Copper on wood front



    This warm Full Persian Chainmaille bracelet has been made from hand coiled and hand cut, solid copper rings interwoven into a beautifully classic Persian pattern. This piece is easily one of those that goes from day to night.

    This bracelet currently measures 7.5 in (19cm) and is held secure with a solid […]

    Order Full Persian Copper Bracelet Full Persian Copper Bracelet @ $50.00


  • Copper Elfsheet EleganceElfweave copper

    Elfweave is one of those weaves we refer to as “plier throwing” kind of weave (just ask my kids as they ducked when my pliers flew by)! The piece is made with solid copper, never plated, and measures 8″ (20 cm) long. This lovely bracelet is held secure with a solid copper slide clasp […]

    Out of Stock



  • Copper Stepping Stones Chainmaille BraceletStepping stones copper close up



    Stepping stones is a unique chainmaille weave that mimics walking a path. Copper is such an earthy metal and this one doesn’t disappoint as it is made from solid copper, never plated. This chainmaille bracelet measures 8 inches long (20 cm) and is held secure using a solid copper toggle clasp. If […]

    Order Copper Stepping Stones Chainmaille Bracelet Purchase Price @ $60.00


  • Copper Celtic BraceletCeltic star single on white center



    This Copper Celtic bracelet made of hand cut rings intricately woven to create a masterpiece. Measuring 7.5 inches (19 cm) from clasp to clasp, this piece features a Celtic Star measuring 1inch and held together with a chain version of celtic dreams weave. We also make this weave in sterling silver, so […]

    Order Copper Celtic Star Bracelet Purchase Price @ $60.00


  • Copper Dragonscale BraceletDragonscale on hand close up

    Dragonscale is such a richly detailed weave! This solid copper bracelet is an inch and quarter wide and held secure using a solid copper slide clasp to give you that full circle look of a cuff. Copper has been known to help arthritis pain, so some people wear copper pieces like this for pain […]

    Order Copper Dragonscale Bracelet Purchase Price @ $85.00


  • Copper Triple Celtic BraceletCeltic star triple on wood close up



    This copper Triple Celtic bracelet is made of hand cut rings to create an elegant bracelet. Measuring 8 inches (20 cm) from clasp to clasp, this piece features 3 Celtic Stars measuring 1″ each and held together with a chain version of the stars. The bracelet is held secure with a solid […]

    Out of Stock



  • Chunky Copper Byzantine Unisex BraceletByzantine chunky copper on white

    This stunning, copper chainmaille bracelet would be great for a man or women, with its chunky size it lays just right. This bracelet is sized at 8″ (20 cm), but we will re-size it to your specifications free of charge. All of our chainmaille is made from scratch using solid wire, in this case […]

    Order Chunky Copper Byzantine Unisex Bracelet Purchase Price @ $40.00


  • Half Persian 4 & 1 Copper Bracelet4in1 copper on white close up



    This stunning chainmaille bracelet started out as a pile of wire; it was then hand coiled and saw cut for flush closures before being woven into a Copper Half Persian 4 in 1 chainmaille pattern.This bracelet measures 8 inches (20 cm) from clasp to clasp, but can easily be adjusted to fit […]

    Order Half Persian Copper 4 1 Bracelet Purchase Price @ $30.00


  • Copper and Turquoise Romanov BraceletRomanov close up


    Copper and Turquoise make a stunning earthy combination!

    This solid copper bracelet is made in a Romanov chainmaille weave which is a Byzantine variant. The bracelet measures about 7.5 (19 cm) inches long from clasp to clasp. The turquoise stone is 4mm round and the copper wire is solid, never plated.

    This […]

    Order Copper and Turquoise Romanov Bracelet Purchase Price @ $50.00


  • Copper Turkish Roundmaille Braceletturkish-roundmaille-copper-on-bottle-close-up


    This bracelet is made of solid copper in a Turkish Roundmaille Chainmaille Pattern.

    The bracelet measures 8 inches long (20 cm) and is a quarter inch wide. Turkish Roundmaille is one of my favorite patterns as it has a stunning intricacy about it. This bracelet is held closed by a solid copper lobster […]

    Order Copper Turkish Roundmaille Bracelet Purchase Price @ $45.00


  • Copper Byzantine BraceletByzantine copper on white close up



    This classic copper bracelet was created with hand coiled and cut rings, woven together into a classic byzantine chainmail pattern before being securely closed with a copper toggle clasp. The bracelet measures 7.5 inches (19cm) from clasp to clasp but can be easily adjusted to fit you perfectly. If you do need […]

    Order Copper Byzantine Bracelet Purchase Price @ $35.00


  • Copper JPL Braceletjens-pind-copper-on-stand



    This Copper Jens Pind Linkage chainmaille weave makes a statement that is perfect for every day wear, dainty but still a showstopper. All of our jewelry begins with raw copper wire that is hand wrapped around a mandrel then saw cut into tiny rings. These rings are then interwoven together to […]

    Out of Stock


  • Copper Roundmaille Braceletroundmaille-copper-on-hand



    Copper is such a warm earthy metal and this bracelet doesn’t disappoint, thick and slinky, perfect for day or night. All of our chainmaille jewelry begins its life as solid copper wire which is then hand coiled and cut for perfect closures. This piece currently measures 8″ (20 cm) long and […]

    Order Copper Roundmaille Bracelet Purchase Price @ $50.00


  • Beez and Butterfly Copper BraceletBeez and Butterflies on white close up



    This chainmaille treasure began its life as a coil of solid copper wire. It was then hand coiled, cut and woven into a stunning Beez and Butterfly bracelet. A simple look that will get you compliments whenever you wear it. A double row of copper rings hooked into a slinky feeling pattern […]

    Order Beez Butterfly Copper Bracelet Purchase Price @ $50.00