Copper Bracelets

Copper is such a warm and earthy metal to work with and to wear.  It easily goes from day to night and season to season.  All of our copper chainmaille jewelry starts it’s life as solid wire, not plated, so there is no danger of the color wearing off. We then coil and cut our own jump rings to ensure the perfect closures.  We take great pride on our chainmaille jewelry and strive for high quality work. If you don’t see the weave you’re looking for or need a piece in a different length, please contact us and we’ll get started on a special order for you.

NOTE:  Yes, copper does change color!  Even coated copper will eventually wear and change.  Your body chemistry will determine how much and how quickly and many love that aged look.  If you prefer to keep your copper bright and shiny there is a very easy way to do so.  Dunk your piece in a bath of lemon juice for a minute or so and then rinse well. Your copper will return to its original bright luster immediately.  So no more excuses not to wear this amazing metal.

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