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Chainmaille Stretch Bracelets


Love the look of chainmaille but don’t want to mess with clasps?  Love to wear funky colors?  Stretch bracelets are perfect for young and older alike!  Each handmade piece combines metal and neoprene rings together to make a full circle bracelet.  Stock bracelets are currently made to fit anywhere from a 6″ to 8″ wrist (about) but can easily be made larger or smaller depending on your needs.  If you are interested in a piece but need a different size or love the look but want different color combinations, please contact us and we will be happy to customize a piece just for you.

Looking for a specific color combination?  In order to make a piece you need to pick on neoprene/rubber ring color (Black, White, Blue) and one metal color (Green, Black, Gold, Purple, Aqua/Blue, Red, Orange, Silver).  Use the Contact Us form and let us know your ideal color combination and we will be happy to get started. 

Great for fundraisers, awareness and school spirit!


  • Black and Gold Stretch Chainmaille BraceletStretch black gold close up


    Is there anything more dramatic than classic black and gold? It doesn’t have to be stuffy but can be fun! This beautiful stretch bracelet is made from a classic Half Persian 4 in 1 chainmaille pattern using aluminum and neoprene rings connected to form a full circle so no clasps to mess with.


    Order Black and Gold Stretch Chainmaille Bracelet Black and Gold Stretch Chainmaille Bracelet @ $10.00
  • Black and White Stretchy Chainmaille Bracelet Half Persian 4 in 1Stretch white black close up



    Looking to get some color into your life? Stretch chainmaille bracelets are handmade with a combination of metal (bright aluminum, copper, silver, brass, bronze, colored aluminum) and rubber neoprene rings to form a complete circle with no need for a clasp.

    This piece is made in dramatic black and white and […]

    Order Black and White Stretch 4 in 1 Black and White Stretch 4 in 1 @ $10.00
  • Black and Red Stretchy Chainmaille BraceletStretch black red chainmaille bracelet

    Drama at its finest! This stretchy chainmaille bracelet is made with black neoprene (rubber) rings and rich red aluminum. It is a continuous circle so no clasps to fumble with in the morning! This piece currently fits writsts from 6 inches – 8 inches, but is easily resized to fit you perfectly. If you […]

    Order Black and Red Stretch HP4in1 Black and Red Stretch @ $10.00