Simple Complexity Rules

From the Gallery Of Chainmaille By MBOI

From the Gallery Of Chainmaille By MBOI

I’ve been having a lot  of thoughts lately about our designs and have decided that less is more at times. Some jeweler’s have these over complicated designs that just cloud the lines of the piece and look like a jumble of junk.

Conversely Always Wired Bead Lady has some pretty cool stuff and her work is simply elegant. Stop by and check out blog and tell her I sent you. I especially like these earrings they are simple class, sometimes the more things are complicated the less attractive they are, that’s one reason why I like these because of the clean and crisp lines.

That is one thing we try to incorporate in our sterling silver earrings is clean and simple lines, sometimes less is more.


Andrew & Kimberly

Chainmaille By MBOI

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