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Sterling Silver Necklaces

Sterling silver is such a bright metal that it shows off our chainmaille weaves to perfection.  We use only 925 sterling silver wire and hand coil and cut all of our own rings to ensure quality.  If you are interested in a weave and don’t see it in stock, please contact us and we will be happy to start on a custom order piece just for you.



Mixed Metals Chainmaille Necklaces

Mixed metals add drama to an already amazing art.  We combine sterling silver and warm copper to show off the chainmaille weaves to their best advantage.  If you are interested in a mixed metal creation, but do not see it in stock, please contact us and we will be happy to work on a special order just for you. 



Copper Necklaces

All our copper chainmaille jewelry is made with solid copper wire, never plated to ensure quality and durability.  The warmth of copper is wonderful for any season and adds unique drama to chainmaille.  If you don’t see the weave your looking for please contact us and we will get to work on your new creation.


Bronze Neckaces

Bronze is such a rich metal that has such a historical symbolism.  Ancient cultures used bronze because of the rich look and durability.  All of our chainmaille pieces are made with solid bronze wire, not coated, so you never have to worry about the coating rubbing off. If you don’t see the pattern your looking for please contact us and we will get stated on your vision.


Bright Colored Aluminum Necklaces

All our aluminum necklaces are very light weight and have a variety of bright colors. These necklaces are great for school spirit promotions and for various causes to promote awarness. Colors and possible combinations are numerous so if you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us…we also offer discounts for wholesale purchases for these various causes and if you contact us and we’ll give you a quote.


Aluminum Necklaces

Aluminum Necklaces