Makin the Best of It Revamped

Just a quick update here, Kimberly owner and founder of Making the Best of it has spent several days working on revamping MBOI’s website! I don’t know how she has time to do these things with all the custom wedding invitation and toasting glass orders but she seems to squeeze it in somehow. Take a peak at the new design and drop us a note or leave a comment so we know what you think.

For those of you who do not know Makin’ the Best of It is also the creator of Chainmaille By MBOI. The MBOI stands for Makin’ the Best of it. We choose to separate the two sites as the work is so different, we found it hard to mix painting and chainmaille LOL. Although hopefully we will be able to tie them together somehow. I know Kimberly is still wracking here brain on figuring out that one. Kimberly and her husband Andrew are the forces behind MBOI, Kimberly is the creative force and Andrew is the brute force. In other words Kimberly keeps Andrew in line. To learn more about MBOI check out the about us page or drop us a note.

2 comments to Makin the Best of It Revamped

  • Kathy Gee

    What size and gauge of rings did you use for your dragonscale bracelet shown in copper wire jewelers? It is absolutely lovely:)
    also did you use awg or swg?
    your work is brilliant…

  • Thanks Kathy, I believe we used 18ga 5.5mm SWG and 20ga 3.5mm AWG, not sure. The piece is already sold so I would have to look through my notes. The key is the smaller ring needs to be able to fit inside the larger ring, if you lay the larger ring down and put the smaller ring inside and it fits in just right with little room to spare the weave will work.

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