Making Jumprings


Hand Coiled and Cut Jumprings

At Chainmaille by MBOI we make all our own jumprings.  We start out with raw wire. Any wire can be used depending on the
strength of the wire, some are harder to work with than others.
We then coil the wire on a mandrel using a power drill. We use slotted mandrels so that you can insert the wire on the end to hold your wire stable while you begin your coil.  
Mandrels are any object that can
be used to coil wire. They come in various shapes and sizes. We use steel mandrels as they are strong, durable, and maintain their shape.
Once your done coiling your wire on the mandrel are left with a solid metal coil that is ready for cutting.  Depending on how you chose to cut your rings, you may have to add a cutting lubricant to your finished coil.  This preserves the life of your cutting blade.    
Now that you have coils it is time t o cut it into individual jumprings. You can use wire snips, a jeweler’s saw, or some type of mechanical cutter. We use a Jumpringer to saw cut our rings. Saw cut rings leave the ends flat and clean so that you can achieve better flush closures.    

Well, thats about it.  Once the rings are done we give them a quick cleaning using dish soap to get the cutting lubricant off. Tumbling the rings in stainless steel shot using a rotary or vibratory tumbler will de-bur the rings and leave them smooth and shiny. We prefer making our own jump rings for the simple reason of diversity; you never know when you’ll need a certain size ring. If you ever run out of rings while weaving, all you have to do is make more, and more, and more, and more. Sorry, we may be a little addictive or obsessive. Contact Us anytime if you have any questions.

I hope this little tutorial was helpful.  Eventually we plan on carrying our own line of
jumprings.  If you are interested in purchasing jumprings, or have any questions, please don’t
hesitate to contact us

Andrew & Kimberly
Chainmaille by MBOI and Makin’ The Best Of It