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Handmade Artists’ Work Hard

That’s right we work hard with little pay!

I’m not complaining just stating a fact that’s its tough tring to compete with massed produced items. I recentlty discover this bead artist who makes beaded jewelry among other styles, but Yellow Flower’s work has got to take forever and is just georgous! She also has a shop here, granted I’m sure when she sells here stuff just like when I sell mine there is a sense of satisfaction. If it wasn’t for the love of handmade I wouldn’t be doing this, I guess people like us have a creative side that can’t be stopped. If we stopped it we wouldn’t be happy I’m sure.

That’s one reason why I started the Handmade Artists’ Forum to help support the handmade artist and help get there work seen on The World Wide Web. I just wrote an article on the Forums’ Blog about how to get your shop noticed with some tips and tricks on internet marketing. So take a  peak at these articles and Yellow Flowers shop and support handmade.


5 comments to Handmade Artists’ Work Hard

  • Yellow Flower does do beautiful work and you are right about handmade goods often taking more work than you can get paid for. I find it to be worth it though.

    I look for faster more efficient ways to do things so that the gap between time and pay continually gets smaller. The pleasure in creating is often also the main drive behind a handmade business.

    I will pop over to your other blog and check out the article you mentioned. Sound informative!

  • thanks for the mention.
    you are soooooooooo right about handmade often taking a back seat to mass produced.
    every few months i tell my mister i am going to give it up and just work and be done with trying to start up this business. but, it never fails… that drive to make something overwhelms and i am back at it before you can say licketysplit!

  • Always glad to see Amber’s unique vision shared!

  • Any handcrafted passion takes time, energy, and patience. Amber has them in spades! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for creating HAF, Andrew. I’m glad to be a part of such a driven, creative family.

  • I love Yellow Flower’s beadwork, having done this type of beadwork, I know how much time and effort goes into it. Beautiful.


    Handmade is Wellmade

    I think there is a growing appreciation of this, if not, there should be!

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