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Handcrafted Artists are Underated

I’ve been looking around Etsy and various venues at the handmade vendors that are out there selling their wares, and find that most artists I like but there are some I don’t. That’s expected I’d say I always been critical with what I call beads on a string. Some of the jewelers are just that beads on a string, how boring, but not Megan of  Casto Creations her work is beautiful. It makes the beads on a string people, well look like beads on a string. It must be her vision to make that transition from stringing beads to a masterpiece. I especially like this necklace as it’s bold and elegant in the same breath.

You can also visit her blog to at

I’ve been amazed about the quality of artists that have joined the new Handmade Artists’ Forum as they truly are in love with their  work. Stop by and take a look at their creations and also check out the new HAF Blog.

2 comments to Handcrafted Artists are Underated

  • Ahhh…thank you! I love stringing beads. lol Thankfully I have two shops so I can put my strung work on Etsy and my more complicated things on 1000 Markets. Lately though working in metal hasn’t interested me much…not sure why. :)

  • Adriana Ximenes

    I love turqueza! It was beautiful this necklace …

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