Sterling Silver Wrapped Sea Glass Earrings


Our parent shop is on a roll with this wonderful collection of sea glass, or as it is sometimes called, beach glass earrings. Makin’ the Best of It (MBOI) is the parent shop of Chainmaille By MBOI (and yes MBOI stands for Makin’ the Best Of It!)  We’ve kept certain elements of the business separate and all of our sea glass pieces are on the Makin’ the Best Of it site. Our sea glass is hand picked locally on the pristine beaches of Bay Head, New Jersey, so each piece is one of a kind (OOAK).  Each treasure is hand wrapped with solid sterling silver wire into intricate designs. We believe in using  the highest quality materials and try very hard to create unique weaves and wraps. So, take a peak at all of our wonderful Sterling Silver Wrapped Sea Glass Earrings made by Kimberly, the owner and founder of Makin’ the  Best Of It!