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Copper Earrings

Copper is a wonderfully warm metal that glows against your skin and is perfect for any season.  We use only solid copper, not plated, so that your piece will always look amazing.  

NOTE:  All copper will tarnish, how fast has to do with your body chemistry.  While some love the color of patina copper, others prefer the bright and shiny look of a new penny.  If your copper tarnishes, all you have to do is soak your piece in lemon juice for a minute or two and rinse!  Your copper jewelry will be bright and shiny.  

If you don’t see the pattern that you are looking for, please  contact us and we will be happy to create a personal piece just for you.


  • Copper Roundmaille EarringsCopper Roundmaille Earrings

    Copper is such a warm earthy metal and these earrings will not disappoint. These roundmaille earrings are made from solid copper, never plated and measure 1″ long from the base of the ear wire . If you don’t see the pattern or metal that you are seeking, please Contact Us and we will be […]

    Order Copper Roundmaille Earrings Purchase Price @ $20.00


  • Copper Tryzantine Earringstryzantine-copper-flat-close-up-2

    Byzantine with an attitude!

    These Tryzantine chainmaille earrings measure 1 1/2 inches (4 cm) from the bottom of the ear wire. These wear so easy and can coordinate with almost anything you’ve got. Made of solid copper rings combined into a striking tryzantine weave on solid copper ear wires. Want a different length […]

    Order Copper Tryzantine Earrings Purchase Price @ $20.00



  • Copper JPL Earringsjens-pind-copper-flat-angle

    JPL (Jens Pind Linkage) is a simple but intricate chainmaille pattern. These copper earrings are 1.5″ long and come with a copper ear wire. Once again as always we can make this pattern in a variety of metals and lengths including sterling silver. Please Contact us if you are interested in a custom […]

    Order Copper Jens Pind Linkage Earrings Purchase Price @ $20.00


  • Copper and Turquoise Romanov Earringscopper turquoise chainmaille earrings

    Copper and Turquoise make a stunning earthy combination!

    These earrings are made in a Romanov chainmaille weave which is a Byzantine variant. These earrings measure about an inch long from the bottom of the ear wire which is made from solid copper and the turquoise stone is 4mm round.

    This handmade piece began […]

    Order Copper and Turquoise Romanov Earrings Purchase Price @ $20.00