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Copper Triple Celtic Bracelet



This copper Triple Celtic bracelet is made of hand cut rings to create an elegant bracelet. Measuring 8 inches (20 cm) from clasp to clasp, this piece features 3 Celtic Stars measuring 1″ each and held together with a chain version of the stars. The bracelet is held secure with a solid copper toggle clasp. Our copper bracelets are made from solid copper, never plated and also is available in sterling silver!  If you need the size adjusted, please leave us a not upon checkout and we will be happy to resize your new treasure at not cost.


Copper Triple Celtic Bracelet
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2 comments to Copper Triple Celtic Bracelet

  • Heather Hobbs van Schaik


    Please advise me when the copper Triple Celtic bracelet will be available again, as I absolutely love it! Is there a necklace that also matches it?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you and kindest regards,


  • The bracelet has good design, but I love wearing it with matching earrings, rings and necklace. It will look gorgeous in combination.

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