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Chainmaille Patterns

Each of these chainmaille weaves can be done in a variety of metals; sterling silver, copper, bronze, brass, bright aluminum, and colored aluminum.  If you see a weave you like, we will be happy to make a necklace, bracelet or earrings in that weave for you!  Please contact us to get your special order started.


 half persian 4 in 1 chainmaille 8in1 chainmaille Beez and Butterflies Chainmaille Byzantine chainmaille
  Half Persian 4 in 1  8 in 1  Beez and Butterfly  Byzantine
Celtic Helm Chain Celtic Star chainmaille Japanese Cube Chainmaille Daisy flower chainmaille
Celtic Chain Celtic Star  Cubes Daisy
Dragonscale chainmaille Elfweave chainmaille

GSG Chainmaille

Helm Coda Chainmaille
Dragonscale Elfweave GSG  Helm or Coda
Coda Helm double Chainmaille Persian Chainmaille Persian Dradonscale Roundmaille
 Double Helm  Persian  Persian Dragonscale  Rosettes
Roungmaille Chainmaille turkish Roundmaille Romanov Chainmaille Romanov with crystal
Roundmaille Turkish Roundmaille Romanov Salvation Romanov
 Stepping Stones Chainmaille  Viperscale Chainmaille
Stepping Stones   Viperscale