Custom Order Viperscale Wedding Set

Custom Order reserved for Alison. Sterling silver Viperscale bracelet 7″ long with a filigree clasp and an 18″ Viperscale necklace with a filigree clasp as well. This price includes express shipping to the UK.

Custom Order Triple Chain

This sterling silver bracelet measures 9 inches long and is made with a simple and elegant 3 in 3 design. This particular piece is a custom order and was made with no clasp. Sometimes called permies, bracelets like this are typically either closed directly on the wrist or slipped on. Permanent closures are good especially if you plan on the wearing the piece as an everyday bracelet, so that you almost never or very rarely take it off. It becomes a piece of you.

We encourage custom orders, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stainless Steel and Bronze Roundmaille Nekclace

Special Order Do Not Buy unless you are Thomas

Sterling Silver and Bronze Roundmaille Necklace Sterling Silver and Bronze Roundmaille Necklace

This necklace is made with stainless steel and bronze rings and is 25″ long. There is no clasp as this piece is one continuous loop.

Bible Armour

bible armourOK you asked for it, here is Bible Armour, I posted this a while back and received a lot of compliments and requests for orders. Well I shyed away from the order requests because this project took several months and I don’t know how many rings. Then there is the logistics of fitting the cover to the Bible or book.

Well here’s what I decided, I will consider making  a cover for your favorite book or bible, or you tell me what type of  Bible you like weather it be King James, or NIV and I’ll go buy one and cover it for you. Unfortunately I need the book in my possession to fit the cover to it.
This cover is made using European 6 in 1 weave  for the front cover, inside flaps, and back cover with 3 in 1 edge and a dragonscale spine.  The cross is inlaid using bronze for a contrasting color.  All stainless steel and bronze rings were used in this piece.
Now another thing to consider is that stainless steel is heavy this cover weighs 3 lbs, so I was thinking that the next one should be aluminum, because it is very light weight.    bible armour

I can also work with several weaves to make the cover such as European 4 and 1, dragonscale, and several types of Japanese weaves so the skies the limit on the different weaves and metals available.

So how much does it cost? I don’t know but It won’t be cheap or fast, these take a lot of work so if your interested contact usand we’ll start the process of  fulfilling your desires.

Please, please, please only serious inquiries, this should be something that your looking for as a usable keepsake, and my time is precious. I would be glad to consider any serious inquiries from anyone who is patient enough to give me some time to make it and willing to pay a reasonable negotiated price for my efforts.   bible_armour_by_andrewk1969


Andrew and Kimberly

Chainmaille By MBOI