Copper Byzantine Mountain!

Copper Chainmaille MountainIt all started a couple of months ago when we were asked if we did wholesale orders. Well we do and this is our one of our largest ones yet! After a couple of months of sending samples and a little haggling back and forth on price we got to work. The first thing we did was order 20 lbs of copper wire and 200 clasps, that’s right 20 lbs! Then we got to cutting rings, for those of you who know us, we cut all of our rings our self, and for those of you who cut rings you know how much work it is. Well 21,990 rings later we were done cutting LOL

The order was for 195 Chunky Byzantine Bracelets, we use 16ga SWG wire with a ring size of 5.5 mm to make the rings. We did 60 each 7.5″, 75 8″,  8.5″ bracelets. All are solid copper , including the toggle clasps. We do not believe in using coated wire as the coating will eventually wear off and your jewelry will look like crap. Solid wire can always be cleaned very easily using a little lemon juice and hot water or ketchup, we grind all of our work in dish washing soap and stainless steel shot, but the average person does not have that equipment.

Chainmaille PyramidChainmaille Highway

As I said earlier the whole order weighs almost 20 lbs. If you lay the bracelets side by side they measure out to over 5′ long. If you laid the bracelets end to end, it would measure 1560″ or 130′ almost half a football field in length. We are so glad to get this order done, with almost 3 weeks of constant ring cutting and weaving Byzantine our hands are bruised and mangled LOL. For those interested in contacting us for a special order we would be more than interested in discussing your wants. Please remember,however, that all our work is handmade down to the coiling and cutting of the rings, we are not a mass produced company so large orders may take a bit of time. We do, however, guarantee quality and workmanship.

Byzantine MeasuredCopper Byzantine Chainmaille PilePyramid of ChainmailleChainmaille Copper Street

Chunky Sterling Silver Roundmaille Bracelet

Chainmaille JewelryWe have been busy putting out orders and working on other projects so we haven’t been putting up many new projects; so I would like to proudly show you our latest piece, you may have seen this before but not is this ring size and gauge. This is a sterling silver roundmaille bracelet made using 18ga awg 4mm rings, this is the chunkiest one we’ve made to date. Most of our roundmaille pieces have been either 19ga or 20 ga, so making this piece in 18ga was nice. It feels substantial on the wrist as it has a little weight. This piece was made as a special order for one of our returning customers. The bracelet is actually 9″ long as is it made to fit a man 6′ 6″ tall, so I just used my own wrist to size it as I’m 6′ 3″ and figured I’d be close enough LOL Chainmaille Bracelet. In the new year we are planning on revamping this website and adding a whole bunch of new products. We have been so busy with shows and life in general that we neglected updating this site as much as we could or should. Anyway hang in there to the new year and hopefully you will see some pretty cool changes to site and pieces of chainmaille to make you smile.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

Andrew & Kimberly

Chainmaille By MBOI

Chainmaille on the HAFshop

Makin the Best of It Revamped

Just a quick update here, Kimberly owner and founder of Making the Best of it has spent several days working on revamping MBOI’s website! I don’t know how she has time to do these things with all the custom wedding invitation and toasting glass orders but she seems to squeeze it in somehow. Take a peak at the new design and drop us a note or leave a comment so we know what you think.

For those of you who do not know Makin’ the Best of It is also the creator of Chainmaille By MBOI. The MBOI stands for Makin’ the Best of it. We choose to separate the two sites as the work is so different, we found it hard to mix painting and chainmaille LOL. Although hopefully we will be able to tie them together somehow. I know Kimberly is still wracking here brain on figuring out that one. Kimberly and her husband Andrew are the forces behind MBOI, Kimberly is the creative force and Andrew is the brute force. In other words Kimberly keeps Andrew in line. To learn more about MBOI check out the about us page or drop us a note.

Chainmaille By MBOI Feature on Copper Wire Jewelers

Pretty cool, we are featured on the 5th edition of the Copper Wire Jewelers. Thanks so much guys for taking the time and attention to write such a lovely online magazine and include us!

The write up gives a little history on Chainmaille By MBOI as well as goes into our work outside our chainmaille business into our support of handmade in general.

Chainmaille by MBOI first started as Makin’ the Best of It which is the parent company if you will, hence MBOI. We then got this wild and crazy idea to start a forum to support handmade, then the Handmade Artists’ Forum was born. After that we went totally out of our mind and started the Handmade Artists’ Shop, these sites as well as our own shops have become our passion. Through a lot of blood sweet and tears we continue to work our butts off the support handmade and continue to create new pieces for our own collections.

Hope you enjoy the article and thanks so much to Lois for publishing it for us!