Artists Unite to Support Handmade

crystal-heart-pin-custom-orderWell a new movement is among us where hadnmade artists have banned together in a unified effort to support each other. Over 170  artists have joined the Handmade Artists’ Forum with more joining everyday.  One member, is a fellow mailler or this a case a femailler, Jill from Liv’nGood Jewelry who has also joined in this effort to support eah other as a community of artists. Jill does some beautiful work so check her out at her blog or Etsy Shop.

Many of you may be saying why is a chainmailler helping their competition, well I’ll tell you. I know that I’m not the only game in town selling chainmaille, their are many, but I might have something that she doesn’t sell and visa versa. So instead of competing against each other we are keeping our customers educated about what is available out there. I’d much rather refer somebody to Jill for something I don’t make because I know her work is quality and she will give my customers good service. As I would expect her to do the same for me, If I make something she doesn’t.

Anyway stop by the forum and support handmade, If your a handmade artist join in and show off your stuff, If your a buyer browse through and check out your options most, not all, of our artists have sales sites that you can contact them and purchase their wares.

Enjoy and remember Support Handmade.

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